Virgo) Letters on the Battlefield

from by illuminari



This song is about dharma.

It is inspired by the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna teaches Arjuna how he must be as he goes through his doubts about who he is and how he should be. The letters were written with specific people in mind but it is not an exact letter to each of them, rather it is really just a dramatised version regarding the most romanticised vision of their lives. Dharma is about doing what you need to do with single-minded purpose. Such is the meditation. Like Krishna explains to Arjuna who is concerned about killing people on the battlefield, death is not necessarily a bad thing, we exist beyond our bodies and that as a warrior it is his dharma to fight this war.

We tend to fight within ourselves, especially when we get deeper into spirituality, about the many different directions and philosophies we should live, and dharma makes things clear.


Dear Revolutionary Spirit,
Oh maligned soul
Dreamer of a thousand lives, live it
Experience it whole
Focus on your vision
You know you have a mission
Even though you're criticised
Even if you're not recognised
Lovingly yours,

Lovingly yours,

Dear The Intrepid, The Lionheart,
Oh burdened one
Worlds are waiting, for you to open and charge
And wishes they grant
Focus on your mission
Soon will the mind's cessation
Even though they lay the guilt
Even if they can't be willed
Lovingly yours,

Lovingly yours,

Dear Unfathomable Poet,
Oh ever judged
Creator of pathways between and inward
Just loving so much
Focused mind's cessation
Buckle down to more action
Thou shalt not put mind in mind
Thou shan't then lose power of thine
Lovingly yours,

Lovingly yours,


from ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD, released December 3, 2015



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