Taurus) Arc Matrimony

from by illuminari



About the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, desire, beauty.

The song is primarily about sexuality and its true nature. It contains within it a great mystery that has been whispered down many different ancient traditions throughout the ages.

We wanted the music in this song to represent the harmony between 2 and so specifically requested for a composition that could show off a merging of male and female vocals. One of the songs we were inspired by to make this sound come alive was Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”.


The unquenchable desire within
Wrapping contentment
In every wave of paradoxically increasing

Each thrust the release of pure love (life)
Each release the medium to sweet nothing

There's nothing more, nothing more, nothing more glorious… (repeats)

White and chaste
A powerful shield magically raised
Life's adversities
Disengaged by seed -
Renunciation of fruit, transmute

There's nothing more, nothing more, nothing more glorious… (repeats)

Animal you is yes
Knowing what you witness has
Come from the recesses from the old mind's impression
Half monkey man you'll be hard-pressed to find
Whether in Babylon or Zion I am not lying when I say
That the order of the day be overcoming
Your body's pull or play
That get you doing what you don't feel like doing
Thinking that you do
'Cos it feels good to the senses
Immensely, death comes through the same gates to tempt thee
After pleasure comes pain
Dark after a new day
Yes there's a new way
To rise above the cycle of duality
Float like cream to the top
Who the hell wanna stop
The deception of the truth
With reception of this clue
Kill the animal within you to know truth
So you can do what you do
Move like you move
Get where you need to go
And stay super cool

Don't you ever spill the seed
Build up motion - there's no need
Love's the name of the game
The making of it - there's no shame
Gods and Goddesses it makes us
The divine is androgynous

There's nothing more, nothing more, nothing more glorious… (repeats)


from ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD, released December 3, 2015



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