Sagittarius) Trial by Fire

from by illuminari



Starting from this song along with the next 3 begins a process of initiation. It is the four trials of fire, earth, air and water.

The trial of fire is a test of persecution. It is that feeling when everybody and everything seems to be against you, your world is turned upside down and you lose all sense of who you are. It is during this time that perseverance is most needed in a state of non-judgment, serenity and trust.

To pass this ordeal is to be able to stay detached amidst the opposing atmosphere. To pass is to have received a cleansing of the inner attachment to being liked, admired and adored, which are the fire plays of the ego.

It is one of the stages to becoming free.


Cleansed by the fire ordeal

If you pass

It's the trial of persecution

Will your smile last?

Will it last?

I'm your guardian angel

And he's the devil

Listen to me

You'll be cleansed by the fire ordeal

If you pass

A crowd of enemies stoning insults

Well you think you're free
But what does that even mean
Outside the normal rules of things
Trying your best to justify your way as righteous saintly super clean
Yeah well you think you fly and everything you do is stunning?
But the only thing you doing is running
Away from the facts that's black and white
I'm the fallen angel I can keep you in check
Son of the night I live within you
How you gonna hide when I turn you against you?
Whoops check yourself now I have
And its bad
Against your will
And it will not stop and it persists till
I choose to relieve you

Remain serene and sweet

Unaffected by fears of insult

Cast out his heavy voice

Listen, to what is holy felt

Cleansed by the fire ordeal

You have passed, you have passed

Love allowed you to forgive being wronged

You smiled last, you smiled last, you smiled last


from ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD, released December 3, 2015



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