Pisces) Chalice

from by illuminari



The song represents the elemental cleansing of water.

It was written like a Sufi poem to end the initiation process in direct communion with the Self. Hence, the name Chalice. It is an offering. This song is not focused on the trials but a commending of the spirit in total abandonment to the universe.

It is to affirm a passing of all the trials.


I want nothing except you, love (x4)

I might think I desire others
But deep down inside I know you know I know the truth
There is nothing else
Nothing else except for you

I want nothing except you, love (x4)

You are the beginning
You are the end
Your mighty arms reach to the ends of the universe
Your humble feet stand in depths of the astral land

I want nothing except you, love (x4)

And so what else is there to be
But happy, peaceful and free
To let my heart sing
Let my spirit be still
That everything
Everything I have ever wanted
Has always been
And will always be
So very, very

I want nothing except you, love (x4)


from ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD, released December 3, 2015



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