Leo) Philosophia Perennis

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Happiness. Drama. Childlike wonder.

A number about choosing to see wonder in every situation and being thankful rather than finding fault with things and life.

The perennial philosophy is a thought mentioned in esoteric circles.

"Their findings can be summarized in three statements which Aldous Huxley has called the Perennial Philosophy because they appear in every age and civilization: 1) There is an infinite, changeless reality beneath the world of change; 2) This same reality lies at the core of every human personality; 3) The purpose of life is to discover this reality experientially: that is, to realize God while here on Earth." - Eknath Easwaran (In his commentary of The Bhagavad Gita)


The higher exists in corporeal states
Just don't criticise but do glorify
Instil devotion in your soul
Awaken the divine
Just try

Rap Verse 1:
Veneration not decimation be the true path
sit back and listen to the concept
start from the start
self conception
new way in this new day of writing rhymes
that'll be my blueprint in blue ink
all praises due to the rose think
and red valentine feel
to the ascended masters
of the Rudolf clique
godfather of the red nosed reindeer
RIP no 1 soul brother
we've been given the map to reach to tap into ourselves
off or on the waters not the kind that they sell
but the type that flows and goes
to places unseen and unheard
see me spill some words and nothing else cause
I wanna take the fruit and not bite it
ciga- cigar on my lips I won't light it
big will I use incense abused all in the name of veneration I spew
you wanna know what this is about well let me tell you how to get to the top of mount "Truth-more" let me show you
one of the paths you might have started on gets you
straight to the top but stop don't drop instead
hold onto and remember its an infinite no of ways
to get yourself up to the four face
and you'll be out your place if you on some other's case
judging the
speed angle and velocity of their approach
or even the creed colour and the words their preacher spoke
then you not listening to your own guide
one of the voices in your own heart body mind
spirit or soul
master the thought will feeling
all secrets told never putting on hold
these primordial gifts of guidance
no two share likeness
fact its all different like the four presidents
check what facts you missing
each one of them a major aspect of and
part of the whole
full in its own sense
unincomplete so
just like the nature of a journey when you get to the end
its the legend of the phoenix gotta rise again
Philosophia Perennis the underlying story
once upon a time be the same start to every story
the deeper you drop to watch the magic unfold
be the closer you getting
to uncovering your own
whether its an old path or new path
you're moving with the same goal
and rest assured my brother you've always been the same soul
same story untold

The higher exists in corporal states
Just don't criticise but do glorify
Instil devotion in your soul
Awaken the divine
Just try

Rap Verse 2:
Aim of the game truth of the matter yo
is to eventually grow out of the mould and get bolder
get not just the dirt
but the chip off the shoulder
then the path that you carve will be one in a million
no billion
soon to be seven
you my man are the winner of that
take it all and never come back if your can
only if you want to
never against your will
you will lose to if you choose to
cruise through
this life with without giving thanks and credit to the main dude
maker of the man that carved the four faces
selecta of the one
that chose to go places
guru of the son that wrote the book of spaces
i am other my brother
supadupa fly
through this book of rhymes already written
i just cut the ends to reveal the lines

real talk
italiano master
using water as a back drop
to see which parts
of the marble to chop
cop-a-feel of this story of Leo G
one of the 12 major movements
life lessons
meant to move you and groom you
inspire you if you choose to
be one
open and flowing
I'm telling you a tale
this a real kinda fable
no money getting stuck
to the gum under the table
them labels to cast aside if you wish to
twist two up if you need to
whatever it takes to
get your mind and the rest of your 2 spheres in line
and ready for the words that i spit
from the depths of my soul straight legit
Philosophia Perennis
by the man Leibniz
the unchanging layer beneath this business of change that's infinite
and unmoving
like all frequencies of light
broken down fundamentally and the end of the night they're just white
our emotions be the same as these different colours
like abstract said it's vibrant thing
so what your feelings basically what your vibrating
moral of the story what I'm trying to say man
it's like the lion
regal free
creature that it be
same is we
bliss exists within our psyche
intact much more than that
everything that we think that we is
is stacked right in front of that

The higher exists in corporal states
Just don't criticise but do glorify
Instil devotion in your soul
Awaken the divine
Just try


from ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD, released December 3, 2015



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