Gemini) Gemini (True Groove)

from by illuminari



Movement. Communication. Going with the flow.

This song talks about being in the zone or the groove. The name for this song was initially True Groove but we wanted a title that repeats its zodiac equivalent so as to give a hint about the album’s astrological alignment.


Let me tell you about the true groove dude
Say the less we try then the more we do
Bounce or krunk what it gets you to do
To get this groove flowing in through you
In through me, in through them
Into all of us so we understand
That I'm talking about the path now without the plan
Inner fight yes but against no man
Knock the doubt that I know you can
Don't blink yet we ain't even began
Say to get much more now you gotta let go
Make your truth up yea as you flow
Point zero is point one O O
The sooner you get that the sooner you go
The sooner you groove then the sooner you grow
Step back relax, these new jacks
Looking like they wanna get smacked man
That's why we 'bout it, 'bout it
Ain't nothing new so you better relax man
Outside of this that, that front back
That left right, that up down, round round, pound for pound
We not bound by the crazy rap game
So unlike Lupe's pain this day
We don't got to dumb it down you see
Hidden truth seekers
This here's day one y'all the witness
Nothing to do all to feel
Nothing to say, all work all play

There's nothing to do
And all to feel
There's nothing to say
And all to play

The sooner you get it, get it you go
The sooner you groove then the sooner you grow
Just as soon as you hear this hidden truth yo
Ain't gonna waste your time no no
Power, power that's for sho
Stay in super swift on your motherfucking toes
Uninvolved in everything that goes
Only things that grooves and things that grow
Preaching, reaching just for me
'Cos I float like buttermilk or drop like tea
Bags, or coffee, whatever your preference may be
Whatever you choose to see
I'm talking in every sense see
Of the phrase to be free

There's nothing to do
And all to feel
There's nothing to say
And all to play
It's alright, it's ok }
Your time is now }
Your time is now } Repeat

Chill man stop running your mouth like that
Less you want my lyrical gun to be going
Pap pap or rat tat tat tat
What do we have here?
Tight ass girl getting near looking all belvedere
Don't get me wrong or right
I'm just painting myself a picture
Metaphorically speaking - I'll make references a little later
So this funky groove will hit cha
I spit with or at cha
Back to the first juncture
Is where Imma sent cha
She fine, fly, nice as well
Looking at me good, nah I won't tell
Silky smooth, low on the jewels
Day one I be under her spell
Stage two it's time to get through
What I gotta say to get through to you
Really don't matter what you wanna do
Whatever you wanna get, you can too
Anything you wanna get, you can believe
All you gotta do is just groove with me
Live the only truth that you want to see
Stay in the zone, don't ever leave
'Cos as soon as you get it
That's when you go
The longer the groove then
The deeper the growth



from ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD, released December 3, 2015



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