Aries) The Seventh King

from by illuminari



Pioneering spirit. Courage. The Self.

The first song after the initiation process and the first in the zodiac, Aries - The Seventh King is a piece to start the listeners off by going into their own space, cleansing their subjective realities of other people’s influences and their effects.

It is a song that talks about the feeling of invasion. Most of the time this feeling only occurs because you are so misunderstood, and with this misinterpretation of who you are comes the judgment that you should be different and better. And then somehow you get sucked into that perspective of yourself and then forget your own unique representation of who you are in exchange for the more common labels of the everyday person.

The title The Seventh King refers to the seventh chakra, the crown chakra, which relates to the sense of meaning and identity.


They say to turn the other cheek
With a smile and a wave conjure
A world of your own where the meek
Inherits the space in the ether

Just to be me
Where the mind is free x2

The humbled seventh king
The sweet conqueror of hostile lands
And the bard does sing
Invasion can only live through defence
World without borders
Such ease to be honest

They say to thine own self be true
Regardless of what thou say of you
No amour, no barricade, no shield
It's the love, it's the heart, it's what's real

Just to be me
Where the mind is free x2
Just to be me
Where the mind is free x4


from ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD, released December 3, 2015



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