Aquarius) Take a Deep Breath

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This is the air trial. .

The air trial is the trial of loss. It is that feeling when you lose something that matters that much that the whole world crumbles beneath you. It is the feeling of security/insecurity. Here is the test again of whether you are able to see through this illusion as well.

To pass is to recognise that all is well, always.


How can I be rid of the discomfort of insecurity
How can I stay peaceful and always feel happy
How can I be detached and consciously see
How can I fear not what's to be lost from me

You do not fear what's lost
You have no fear of death
You are only riled up and crossed
Just take a deep breath x3
And start over again

Bridge: X2
Use new eyes everyday
See new light every hour
Be present in the moment
It's the moment that catches you

How can I be cool and disregard inconveniences
How can I stay good and not be consumed by grievances
How can I stay so close to the maker that nothing else matters
How can I fear not what's to be lost from me



from ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD, released December 3, 2015



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